My Sugar Glider Haven

A Healthy Sugar Glider is a Happy Sugar Glider!!

There are many different issues a Sugr Glider can have. It can start with a case of parasites to the horrid issue of hind leg paralysis (HLP).

The main way to help a Sugar Glider to stay as healthy as possible, is to know your pet. If your bond is strong enough with your pet you will be able to notice the slightest issue, whether it is the case where your glider is not eating as much, not as active, or your gut just tells you something is wrong.

One of the most important things you can do PRIOR to bringing a Sugar Glider into your home, is to locate a veterinarian that is familiar with Sugar Gliders and works with them. If you do not have one near by, ask your veterinarian if they are willing to learn all they can about them. You want to know they know enough to help you with a problem, before a problem is even there.

In many cases a veterinarian will consult with other veterinarians to discuss health issues and problems they are not aware of. It is always a good idea to have a list of veterinarians that are willing to do a phone consult with others, just in case when you take your Sugar Glider in, your vet says they are not sure what to do.

Please do not try to self diagnose, nor self medicate your Sugar Glider. This can be a very dangerous thing to attempt.

Please remember, even if you talk to others who have owned Sugar Gliders for years and have dealt with issues over the years, they are not Veterinarians and a proper diagnosis, medications and treatment should only be advised by a licensed Veterinarian.